How To Build A Successful Online Business


Thsuccessful-businesse best way I know of to create and build a successful online business is to select a business model and then focus on making it a success.

I know, it sounds really simple, but it amazes me how few people actually follow through and do this.

Instead, they purchase every new internet marketing product that comes along, no matter if it fits into their current business model or not.

They may be working on building up their adsense income by writing articles to drive traffic to their little content site that has adsense ads.

Then they get bombarded by 57 different internet marketers touting the next great thing in internet marketing that they must BUY NOW before it’s too late!

So they buy it. It has nothing to do with their current online business model but they start working on it and abandon what they’ve been doing up to this point.

Then the pattern repeats itself. They spend money, start something new, abandon what they were doing, and soon start the process all over again by purchasing the next heavily promoted internet marketing product.

This cycle is in full swing as I write this.

Huge marketing campaigns are going on right now for some big, expensive products from Frank Kern’s Mass Control to the SMARTS program put on by StomperNet.

Regardless of how good these programs may be (and they could be great. I don’t know because I don’t have them), if they don’t fit into your business model you don’t need them. At least not right now.

Yes, there is a ton of stuff to buy, the sales letters make you want to buy, and you’re afraid of missing out. I get it.

But if you want to succeed with your internet marketing business, choose a business model and then focus on the fundamentals of what makes that model successful.

If you want to turn this internet marketing thing into a real long term and successful business, then you have to treat it like a business. And that means becoming a business person.

You need to learn the marketing fundamentals of your business model. Then you need to implement those marketing fundamentals consistently.

Here’s how I did it. After getting buried by offers and spending a lot of money and running over in a million different directions I decided to focus on one thing.

And that one thing was creating an authority content site in my niche.

I chose SBI for my hosting needs and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. SBI is a complete, all in one, internet success package.

I focused solely on what SBI taught me and I went to work creating my content site that now totals over 526 pages of original content, that generates over 1,000 unique visitors per day, and has top search engine rankings for very competitive keywords in my niche.

Then I expanded from there by focusing on aspects of internet marketing that were naturual expansions of my business model.

I started a newsletter, I wrote two ebooks that I sell, I started writing and submitting articles to sites like and writing for big content sites in my niche, etc.

I also created a blog to compliment my original content site so I could take advantage of the new web 2.0 traffic generation sites.

You can learn more about creating an authority site.

All of these things built upon what I originally started with SBI

If you want to succeed with your internet marketing business, you need to treat it like a business and focus on the fundamentals of what will make your business model a successful one.